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This page contains links to official and hobbyist / collector websites and other online information realted to Hot Wheels toys.

Official (Mattel) Sites

www.hotwheels.com - cool site for kids, online Hotwheels themed games, links to cool stuff (for kids) and "official" Mattel / Hot Wheels related info .

www.HotWheelsCollector.com - gallery of upcoming releases, archives, message boards and other "official" (Mattel) HotWheels collecting info.

Redline Parts & Service

(for HotWheels restorers and customizers)

The Redline Shop - reproduction hotwheels/redline parts, wheels, axels, paints, decals and plastic parts for retorers or customizers.

SIZZLERS Hotline - need parts, paint, decals for HotWheels SIZZLERs cars, this is the place to go. Complete restoration service, also many Hotwheels redline parts available.

RepoParts.com - steel mold plastic replacement parts for redlines; wheels, rivets, boards, boats, spoliers and more. Also offers restoration services.

DecalPaper.com - blank sheets of waterslide decal paper for inkjet and laser-jet printing. Create reproduction or custom decals for Hotwheels. Available in clear and white. Note: company also sells many other types of decal / craft papers.

FlaminGraphic.com - nice, original flames, stripes, logos and bodywraps for printing your own decals and stickers for hotwheels --- FREE!

HotWheels Clubs

Southern Ontario Hot Wheels Club - Ontario (Canada)

Hot Wheels Mexico Club - site text is in Spanish, but easy to understand with plenty of pictures. Information about club and about Hotwheels manufactured in Mexico.

West Coast HotWheelers - Southern California Customs, produces limited edition (short run) die-cast customs and graphics.

Space City Hot Wheels Collectors Club

Bat City Hot Wheels Collectors Website - (Austin, TX)

South Texas Hot Wheels and Diecast Collectors Website

Peachstate Hotwheels Club - family oriented club, holds races for kids and adults. Site has meeting and club info, club car and gear photos, links, and more.

Other Hot Wheels Links

Yahoo! Groups (HotWheels) - there are over 90 different groups with message areas, files and links to even more Hotwheels websites.

www.redline-wheels.com - small site by hotwheels buyer / collector. Small amount of pictures and news about collecting hotwheels.

Toy Peddler - click Diecast Category List, then select from the HotWheels Redline categories. Nice assortment of cars and merchandise at fair prices.

RedlinesOnline.com - photos, stories, in-depth guide to Spectraflame colors, and lots of hidden Redline treasures.

LittleToyCars - collectors website with great photos of rare redlines and prototypes. Read tongue-in-cheek "news" stories like those about the Redline Blister Pack Liberation Army. Browse or shop in the LittleToyCars (online) store.

RoarinRod.com - extensive site with tons of photos of variations, customs and collectibles, employee cars, prototypes, and new sets.

GranToros.com - site dedicated to the (Italian) Mebetoys and (US) Mattel hotwheels cars marketed under the Gran Toros name. Extensive information and photo collection of Gran Toros.

RedlineGrandPrix.com - site dedicated to the Grand Prix series (redline) HotWheels cars. Photos, color, US/HK variation info and more.

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