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Glossary of Hotwheels / Redline Terms

axle - hotwheels cars have used various types of axles starting with a spring like wire that was clipped into the base and acted like independent suspension for each wheel. Newer Hotwheels cars use a straight axle with pin-like heads on each end.

base - underside of car. Early models had cast white metal bases which were mostly unpainted. More recent HotWheels may have cast metal, plastic, or chrome coated plastic bases.

bearing - small white nylon/plastic wheels bearing which was manufactured onto the car's axles, the wheels were then pressed onto the bearings. Bearing style wheels were discontinued. (Note: some official replica / collector cars produced after the redline era may have bearing style wheels).

button - matching collector buttons were packaged with the original redline series cars. The buttons were round tin-lithograph badges with a small tab at the top whic h could be bent over to wear the button on a shirt pocket. (See also: pin)

decal - graphic designs on thin, clear plastic film on paper backing were packaged with some early Hotwheels. These were known as "water slide decals" as they had to be soaked in water and slid off the backing to affix to the cars.




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