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Home Page - RedlineDealer.com
Home page of www.RedlineDealer.com, information about Hotwheels(tm) die cast toy cars from the original vintage 'redline era', (1968 through 1977). Site also includes other information about HotWheels collecting from 1968 through present.

Site Map
Index listing all pages and other content on the www.RedlineDealer.com website.

Hotwheels History
Historical notes about Mattel(tm) Hotwheels(tm) die-cast toy vehicle line.

Hotwheels Ad with Cheetah (1968)
Print ad promoting the ''new'' Hotwheels California Custom toy cars (1968). Note: this ad had the Python with it's original name (Cheetah).

Hotwheels Collection - Redlines
Collection of Red Line Era Hotwheels cars. Photos and descriptions of cars.

Hotwheels Collection - Redlines - 1968
Information about the 1968 Mattel, Inc. Hotwheels car line.

Hotwheels Collection - Redlines - 1970
Information about the 1970 Mattel, Inc. Hotwheels car line, also includes the original Spoilers series.

Hotwheels Books
Information about books and price guides for collectors of HotWheels(tm) die-cast toys.

Redline Hotwheels / Paint Color Chart
Charts showing the various paint colors available on Mattel Hotwheels die-cast toy vehicles. Useful for dating and identifying various car and truck models produced from 1968 to present.

Glossary of Hotwheels / Redline Terms
Glossary of terms used by HotWheels / Redline collectors.

Hotwheels & Redlines for Sale
information about Hotwheels™ and Hotwheels™ Redline die cast collector vehicles for sale.

Privacy Policy - www.RedlineDealer.com
Information about your privacy, rights and terms of use of this site.

Hotwheels & Redline Links
Links to other interesting Mattel Hotwheels(tm) die-cast collectibles related websites.

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